Get Involved

Waste Aid is seeking funding partners and supporters to enable change in waste service delivery in ATSI communities across Australia.

In supporting us we ensure:

  • a credible investment in genuine Australian social outcomes.
  • an investment that will make a tangible difference to First Nations People.
  • a real connection to communities, outcomes and experiences.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Donate funds

Waste Aid is a not for profit charitable institution, with deductible gift recipient status (DGR), this means donations over $2 are tax deductible.


2. Donate supplies or services

  • Corporate donors are invited to support the organisation at different funding levels and receive recognition for their contribution. Contact our team.
  • Waste infrastructure supplies
  • Bailers, bins, signage, trailers, transport
  • Organisational service support
  • Accommodation, car hire, fuel, flights.

3. Supporting a community enables:

  • Community clean ups including litter, illegal dumps, bulky waste and cars
  • Employment of a Community Environmental Advisor
  • Provision of waste infrastructure such as bins, trailers, compactors
  • Community engagement in skills based waste education
  • Evaluation and monitoring of the waste service.

Supporters have the opportunity to visit the community and meet with leaders and engage in the program. As a supporter you can see and experience the difference occurring as a result of your support.

The benefits:

  • Make a real difference, working with remote communities
  • Provide unique staff development opportunities
  • Experience on country, cross cultural learning
  • Positively enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR) profile

To support us please email the team

4. Volunteer with WasteAid Australia

Volunteering with WasteAid Australia enables you to make a real difference to Australia’a First Nations people. Opportunities are available to work in Community and remotely to help to increase WasteAid’s reach and positive impact.

Opportunities include:

  • Waste education
  • Clean up
  • Regeneration and re-vegetation
  • Community engagement
  • Marketing

To inquire about WasteAid’s volunteering opportunities contact the team