Supporters & Friends of WasteAid

WasteAid Australia’s work would not be possible without the assistance of a range of supporters.


WasteAid Australia receives ongoing support from three major supporters:


NSW Environment Protection Authority initiated a Aboriginal Waste Co-ordination and Strategy Support Package allowing the employment of a Program Director and the development of a Waste Strategy and Implementation Plan for NSW Discrete Aboriginal Communities. In 2018 the EPA launched the Aboriginal Communities Waste Management Program (ACWMP) providing funding for discrete indigenous communities to assist in improving waste management on country. WasteAid is currently managing four community projects funded through the ACWMP.




Veolia currently provides sponsorship to WasteAid for the traineeship position of our Project Officer, Melanie Ferguson and amazing PPE for our Community Waste Officers.

WasteAid Team PPE Cabarita

Veolia is a global leader in sustainable development for communities and industries through the provision of water, waste and recycling, and energy management solutions. Through complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve availabe resources and to replenish them by creating a circular economy.




Sulo is a regular donor to WasteAid contributing both bin infrastructure and generous financial donations for communities in need.

SULO MGB Australia operates one of the largest plastic injection moulding plants in Australasia at Somersby, just north of Sydney, on the Central Coast of NSW. The SULO facility is one of the most highly automated large tonnage injection moulding plant in Australia and is famous for the manufacture of wheelie bins.

SULO has delivered in excess of 10 million Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs) into the Australian market and maintains its position as market leader based on its significant production and delivery capabilities together with innovation and quality.

Government supporters

NSW Government Logo

The Government of NSW has been working with Waste Aid since the formation of the Sustainable Waste in Aboriginal Communities Working Party in October 2014. A number of government departments are represented including Aboriginal Affairs, Environment Protection Authority and NSW Health.

NSW Health logo

NSW Health funded the inaugural employment of two Community Environment Advisers, a first for NSW, in the communities of Bourke and Enngonia. The funding also contributed to training and the purchase of resources and equipment to support the staff in the field.


Bourke Shire Council

Bourke Shire Council (BSC) is an active project partner providing in-kind services in relation to waste management, litter, illegal dumping and clean-up activities. BSC is a member of the Bourke Waste Advisory Committee.




Mid Coast Council assists WasteAid locally with community clean-ups, creek revegetation and restoration, waste monitoring and working on the implementation of Cabarita Waste Management Plan.



Walgett Shire Council is currently working with WasteAid in implementing the Namoi River Clean up project and Namoi and Gingie Waste Management Plan



Indigenous Supporters

Aboriginal Affairs NSW

NSW Aboriginal Affairs staff at all levels of the organisation support and assist Waste Aid meet its project goals.

NSW Aboriginal Land Council Logo

NSW Aboriginal Land Council is an active member of the Sustainable Waste in Aboriginal Communities Working Party.

Bourke Aboriginal Health Service

Bourke Aboriginal Health Service is a member of the Bourke Waste Advisory Committee.


Murrawari Local Aboriginal Land Council  has  a long history of working with WasteAid and is a current client and partner working to improve waste management at Clara Hart Village.



Tarree Indigenous Development & Employment (TIDE) Ltd works with WasteAid in undertaking community clean ups, creek revegetation and restoration and general assistance in community waste management related to Cabarita Waste Management Plan.  


Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council is a current client and is working with WasteAid in implementing Cabarita Waste Managment Plan.




Walgett Local Aboriginal Land Council is a current client and is working with WasteAid in implementing the Namoi River Clean up project and Namoi and Gingie Waste Management Plans.




MidWaste Regional Waste Forum assists with waste education in our Community Waste Management Programs



NetWaste works with WasteAid to deliver waste education throughout regional Western NSW and assists with specific regional waste information related to regional shire councils.




Corporate Supporters

Resource Recovery Australia logo

Resource Recovery Australia was a key member of the inaugural Sustainable Waste in Aboriginal Communities Working Party during the establishment of WasteAid Australia. RRA operate reuse stores, transfer stations and community recycling centres across NSW, ACT and QLD using a “waste to wages” social enterprise model.





JR Richards works with WasteAid to assist with delivering waste services in communities, waste education related to Machine Recycling Facilities and other regional contracted waste services.