WasteAid Australia’s Story

Waste Aid Australia works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island (ATSI) communities to create long-term sustainable solutions to address inadequate waste management. In doing so, we aim to reduce the adverse environmental health impacts of poor waste management on people and community. 


Waste Aid Australia was established in 2014 as a national charity organisation by a diverse group of waste industry practitioners in response to the lack of adequate waste management services in remote and disadvantaged communities. 


In March 2018, WasteAid Australia joined Community Resources Ltd– a national not-for-profit organisation specialising in community development and environmental repair social enterprises for over 30 years. 

WasteAid creates partnerships with ATSI organisations, government stakeholders, waste industry partners and the local communities in which we work. We use our collaborative 7 step model to leverage each communities own skills and expertise to manage their own solutions on their own land. 


Waste Aid offers

  • Technical support
  • Program delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Education and training
  • Knowledge and skills transfer
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy.

 We work with both government and private organisations to improve waste outcomes in indigenous communities.

Our main supporters include  NSW EPA, SULO and Veolia