Welcome to InBINgenous Art Competition

Enter WasteAid Australia’s InBINgenous Art Competition in three easy steps:

  1. Paint your bin (see below for tips to get the best results)
  2. Create a pledge to avoid, reduce or reuse your waste (see below for examples of pledges)
  3. Submit your entry. Due to Covid restrictions we are extending inBINgenous Art Comp to Thursday the 30th September

How to paint your bin for the WasteAid Australia InBINgenous Art Competition

  1. Grab your bin and give it a wash
  2. Grab some outdoor/oil based paints, sandpaper, paint brushes, mask and lacquer
  3. Make sure you sand and paint around your Council logo on your bin. NB. Most Councils are okay with your bin being painted as long as the Council logos are still able to be seen by the collection truck. Please check with your local council before painting your bin. If you’re unsure check with your local council.
  4. Grab some sandpaper and give your bin a quick sand so the paint will stick better
  5. You might want to cut out stencils to paint
  6. And or directly paint onto your bin with a brush
  7. Go over your work when finished with a spray or paint lacquer to protect your art
  8. Have fun!!

Your waste reduction pledge

The WasteAid Australia InBINgenous art competition encourages you to avoid, reduce and reuse waste. As part of your entry, you are asked to include a pledge, showing how you will avoid waste, reduce waste or reuse your waste in the coming month to make a positive impact on our environment.

avoid reduce reuse waste triangle




Avoiding waste simply means that we don’t create it in the first place. Choosing unpackaged products, shopping at wholefoods stores and making at home can help you to avoid waste altogether.

An example pledge for avoiding waste



Reducing your waste means choosing ways to lower the amount of waste you chuck out. Reducing waste can be as simple as selecting recycled-content packaging and buying only what you need.

An example pledge for reducing waste



Reusing your waste means thinking of other uses for things that might otherwise be set for the bin. Reusing wrapping paper for other presents, framing cards as wall art and repairing items are great ways to reuse.

An example of reuse


How do I record my pledge?


If you’re eligible for a bin art pack we will contact you directly.

That’s it! You’re ready to enter